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Giant pumpkins at the 2011 Puyallup Fair

Members of the Pacific Northwest Giant Pumpkin Growers Club describe the thrill of competing in the annual weigh-in competition at the 2011 Puyallup Fair. The winning pumpkin weighed in at 927 pounds.


Pre-Bumbershoot Live Show in old printing presses

With Bumbershoot starting tomorrow, we hosted a live Pre-Bumbershoot show today with Truckasauras and Justin Dreary. The setting is pretty amazing – it’s the old Seattle Times printing presses located in the basement of our newsroom. I love this area and was thrilled to be able to use it for this. Check out Truckasauras and…


Bicycle Pie Joust

To compete in the Burien Pie Joust, one had to balance on a bike with a whipped cream pie in one hand, throw that pie at an another cyclist and promise not to dodge oncoming pies. The August 19, 2011 event raised funds for bike racks.


Rappelling down Rainier Tower

In a fundraiser for the Special Olympics of Washington, participants in the “Over the Edge” event rappelled down 514 feet of the Rainier Tower in downtown Seattle on Saturday, August 13, 2011. The event raised over $233,000.


Climate change affects coffee in Costa Rica

Climate change is affecting Costa Rican coffee production. Cold nights, winds and erratic rainfall are disrupting harvests in some areas, while in others, warmer temperatures allow farmers to harvest coffee at elevations higher than before possible.

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Microsoft Techfest

Every year, Microsoft Research hosts Techfest to display experimental technologies they are working on to other Microsoft employees in hopes of inspiring practical applications. Here are some of the technologies that were on display.